Meet the Instructors and Types of Classes

Dance Fitness with Brittney

Dance Fitness with Brittney 


This class will be a combination of Latin, Hip Hop, Rumba, Salsa, Cumbia, Zumba Originals, Twerk, and rhythms of all kind combined into a variety of Choreos to feed the passion of dance & satisfaction of a great workout. Such a healthy way to express ourselves through movement, exercising the mind & soul as well, for anyone of any body type, age, or gender to just come and dance & have a blast with me through some good music!


Yoga with Alexandra


All levels yoga. This class is a balance of focused alignment, playful transitions and exploration of the mind-body connection.



Yoga with Shannon


Hiiee my name is Shannon, I am a massage and yoga therapist! I love combing the mind with movement, touch and breath! This yoga class is for YOU, whether you have never done yoga before or your fully advanced. I teach with open arms and specific detail of how to explore your own body in many ways other than what you think yoga is. It's important to be able to do the simplest things as we get older. Finding strength and healing through breath, spirit, mind and body, we can create and explore the unknown possibilities together  

Yoga with Margaret


Cardio Dance with Dawn


Cardio Dance – a 60 minute low-impact cardio class designed to help you break a sweat, in the most fun, most liberating kind of way!   Moves are choreographed to a mixture of music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today’s top 40.  The choreography is easy to follow and verbal cueing is provided so you know what moves are coming next. 

Feldenkrais Method- 

I am training in The Feldenkrais Method; and would like to practice teaching during my first year; won’t you help me, and maybe help yourself too!
What is The Felden-What Method ?!? It is more than can be described in a couple sentences-but in a nutshell, it involves small novel movements which help us learn to move more efficiently and in ways that we like, partly through awareness and partly through training ourselves to use our skeleton more and our small muscles a little less.
As always, you can get Lots more information online https.// and plenty of other sites. You will need a yoga type mat or blanket and a small towel to fold under your head when on side positions.
Please come see what this method of movement is about, because: “If you know what you’re doing, you can do what you want.” Moshe Feldenkrais

Feldenkrais Method

Israeli Folk Dance

Taught by Kim Boleyn, who has had 35 years experience. This is a 2 hour class. The1st hour is beginning dances. No experience required.
The 2nd hour will be more in depth as people learn the dances.
Please wearcomfortable shoes and clothing. Bring water to drink. Please, no children under 13.
Come expecting to have fun!