The Town of Pagosa Springs has three cemeteries within the town boundaries, Hill Top, Odd Fellows and Pagosa Springs Cemeteries. In 2013, Odd Fellows Cemetery was incorporated into Hill Top Cemetery. Only Hill Top and Odd Fellows Cemeteries are active burial sites. 

Any interment in the cemetery must be approved by the Cemetery Supervisor prior to burial. No excavations are permitted without a Town Excavation Permit. Excavation may be completed by the family or designee without the need for a contractor; however, if heavy equipment is used to excavate, the contractor shall be a licensed contractor with the Town. A list of approved contractors is available at Town Hall.

To coordinate plot purchases, interment applications, and records inquiries ...

Contact Kathy Harker, CMC
Town Clerks' Office
(970) 264-4151 ext 229

Questions, concerns, or to report a maintenance issue ...

Contact Brad Lattin, Streets Supervisor
Public Works
(970) 264-4151 ext 401

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kathy Harker Administrative Services Manager (970) 264-4151 x229